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Actually I have made a gig about 2-3 days before because I found low competition in one of the keyword and I was able to do that task easily. Only 130 gigs show by keyword YouTube backlinks. I have used this term in my description as well as used it in tags. But I am not seeing my gig in the search as well as in the new arrivals. What should be the possible next step for this gig? Shall I wait for some days to see if it appears or not? Answer needed from pro sellers! Also if any improvement needed please let me know 😊

Link to gig;


Which one gig image looks nice?





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This problem happened to me. I couldn't find my gig at first but a day later I found my gig on the first page. So there is no reason to be disappointed.
My suggestion to you, First check to see if your gig is active. If your gig is active then wait. Definitely find your gig.

Best of luck.


. If active then wait. Gig will definitely find out. Best of Luck.

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