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Your first order and review)



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Personally, it took me 20 days to get my first order, but this varies depending on the niche you choose. There are people who report having received orders from the first days and others who have not received orders in months. How long it takes to make your first sale will depend on several factors. You can apply for jobs in the "buyer requerest" section. From time to time publications appear where you can apply. The amount of requirements that buyers can present will also depend on the niche to which your GIG belongs.

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I got my first order after about 50 days(almost completing 60 days seller seniority and I was getting very impatient). It took a lot of effort doing research, reading tips from Fiverr Help and Education center and mostly from the forum. I also took time to revamp my gigs and learning how to send effective offers to buyer request.

And just like that, I received my first couple orders in the same day, completed them perfectly and delivered but both orders were marked auto complete in 3 days. Then I received another one to beta read a book and I got a tip, 5 * rating and a positive review. 

My advice, there is not fixed period to when you will receive the order, but what you do in between is what matters most. Take time to plan as failing to plan is planning to fail.

Lastly, all the best and be patience. Soon the buyers will come knocking.




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16 minutes ago, rik_tylor_smit said:

Hi, I'm new to fiverr, and I have a question: after what period of time did you receive your first order / review?)

There is no time period at all. I got a message within five minutes after publishing my first gig. But one of my friends gets an order within five minutes after publishing his first gig. You make your gig informative and attractive. Nobody can ensure you when you get an order. It depends.

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There is no any time period for when you will receive an order. 

Once your Gig has been approved, you are officially eligible to start receiving orders! You can expect to receive a notification for each new order made by a buyer.

When any customers seeking for your service and once they found ur gig they will make a order. But you no need to wait till a customer to finding your gig and make order.

You can try applying buyer requests and also market your gig where your targeted customers are at to receive more orders. 

About Review: Once you successfully completed an order your buyer will review your order with his satisfaction or dissatisfaction.


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