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Thoughts after sending my 73th offer to buyer requests


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It doesn't make any sense, but even though I sent my 73rd offer, no one has contacted me yet.

It is important for me to emphasize that:

  1. I only send quotes to requests that are relevant to me. Anyone who enters my profile and reads it for half a second - will understand how experienced I am in the field he is asking for help.
  2. I never post the generic or unrelated message. I read each request carefully, and send a message related to that specific request.
    For example "I have a lot of experience working with the X tool you are writing about", or "I would be happy to help you solve the problem with a Y component that does not work well for you".
  3. As far as I understand, the prices I offer are not too high. In some cases - I even give a much lower bid than I would normally ask for, because I really want to get the project.

Here is a fresh example I sent just yesterday:

The request was:


I will provide an SVG map made in Illustrator. I need to make it interactive in programming. - When someone clicks in the infospot it will bring a sidebar with the information - On the right will have filtering to hide some infospots.

My message:


Hi, Sounds awesome!

I love to work with interactive SVGs, and have done it before.

Give me more details and I'll build that feature for you.

Hope to keep in touch with you!


Is it THAT bad? What am I doing wrong?

I have so much experience, my clients are always so satisfied and emphasize how excellent, accurate and quality my work is.

Anyone have an explanation?



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I think you might find better success in the BR section if you personalized your responses. Why aren't you sharing more about your experience, and how it could be a specific benefit to the needs of the buyer? If I were a buyer, your current message doesn't inspire me, and wouldn't make me view you as the best candidate for the job. You need to connect..... not just tell the buyer how good you think you are, or how much you love working on something. That's not going to make the sale.

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How often do you send BRs, do you use all 10 in a day? How many offers have usually been made when you send them in? Do you usually send them in as fresh (or as soon as the BRs) do appear? 

Other than BRs, have you tried looking into your competition (top selling ones) and studying their pricepoints, offerings, etc? See what are trending gigs fit your skillset and pattern something like that. You can even consider making a unique twist or offering to some new and see if that fit in as a service. Consider as well revamping your gig images, perhaps this could be an area to address as well! 

P.S. I appreciate you coming into detail on what you have done so far! It's so refreshing to see posts with initiative just like yours in the forum. 😅

I wish you success! 

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Thanks for your replies. 

When you tell me to be more specific about the benefits that I bring to the project, what do you mean? for example:

  • I can build the page perfect and responsive
  • I have a lot of experience with building websites and awesome features for website, and will be happy to bring my knowledge to your page/project/site/new feature.
  • I can do it with no bugs
  • I will answer every answer you'll have in the future

What is missing in my offers? can you write an example for the above BR?

For the question about how often I send offers: I send almost every day. between 5-8 offers a day. I never send offers to BR that got more than 70 offers, because I want more chances to be selected. 

What more - I refresh the BR page at least once a hour, so I send offers ASAP. 

Sometimes, when possible, I send links to examples/plugins/themes, that are what the buyer wants. for example: "You can use that plugin: https://someplugin.com. I'll be glad to help you install and customize it, so it fits your needs." or "Have a look here: https://some-site.com, It's a site I've built in the past, and seems to have the exact feature you're looking for". 

Again, thanks a lot! you are a great community, and I'm so glad to be here with you guys.

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