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Gig upgrade path for buyer



Is there an approved path for a buyer to upgrade a gig after it has started? I'm creating a gig where the different packages are just more hours of coaching for a specific problem. I'd like to be able to credit the buyer for the lower-priced gig if he decides he wants more hours. It's a policy I use in my business outside of Fiverr. Is that possible?

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You could add a custom extra on the active order:


But be very careful of the "additional days" field because if you don't add enough days there it can sometimes make the expected delivery date go in the past and the order go late as soon as it's accepted.

The help page says


Keep in mind the days are added to the original delivery date, not the current date.


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Fiverr has no partial refund method.

The ONLY workaround is making a new order, both parties completing the order (that includes the buyer verifying and accepting the delivery), and then canceling the original order. It's messy, convoluted, time-consuming, expensive for the buyer (they have to pay for the new order, and the old order is not refunded to their payment provider, but as Fiverr credit), annoying, and risky.

Gig Extras also have some quirks/problems, but adding an expense is FAR better than trying to reduce the price after an order is placed and work has started.

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