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How Can i rank my gig again ?


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Hello everyone. 

I am a professional Video Editor. I have started woring on fiverr From Apirl 2021. After 8 days i got my 1st order by Buyer Request. Then i got another 3 orders within that month and i got good feedbacks from everyone after that my impression , click all got high and i was getting work more or less everyday. I found a new hope after a long time. I should get 1st Level last month on 15th but i got one very critical buyer. he gave me 4 orders, 1st order was fine , then 2nd order he did not say anything and it was completed automatically. 3rd and 4th order was left and he started giving revision . I was okay with it as i was very new in this platform and i wanted to satisfy my buyer. I gave him more than 15 times revision and then he said ," i need 2nd video re edit everything as that video is complete , this video you do not need to edit any more it's okay and im replacing this video with that video" , and then again problem, problem and problem. New problem in everyday as it wasn't in previous time. Then again i was okay with it and he said , he needs to cancle the both order , though other video was fine. I asked him , how we can solve the problem but he did not say anything just cancle the order , as i was new i did not know about cancelation by fiverr customer support and after 2 days it was cancelled and i started loosing my impression and click , after that incidents i had completed 4 previous orfer what i took befor cancle the order and 4 new orders with good feedback, and finally my Order Compication rate is 90% now and i will be 1 lavel saller this month on 15. But still my impression and click very low, i do not get any knock or anything,, only i give Buyer Request and keep in online. I am so tensed now, it's more than a month now i am in this situation. What should i do ? How can i get my ranking back ? 

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