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My #3 Tip To You For Success On Fiverr


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Hello there again! Thank you very much for reading this “discussion/thread”.

My name is Max “MaxTheMarketer” K and I have been here for about 2+ years now and I have my third tip that I would like to share with you, which has helped me tremendously in dealing with certain buyers and so forth! ^^,

This tip has already been posted by someone else (do not remember name, sorry for that) I think, so this will be my perspective on it!

My #3 Tip To Your For Success On Fiverr Is:


With patience I mean that you want to be patient with your buyers when they do not understand what you are telling them, or if they mess up when following your instructions, or forget to upload needed files in the order or something else.

Have patience, particularly if it takes a few days for a buyer to reply to you and then tell you that, “my file is not ready yet, could you please give me a couple of more days before I send it to you?”.

Do NOT get mad here. Give understanding to them and say something along the lines, "Np, just send me the file when you are ready and I will start with it ASAP! Plz keep this gig open so you don’t cancel it in vain! ;-P"

You might be wondering why I use “np”, “plz” and “;-p” in this message; that is because I apply another more that I have decided whenever I started with Internet Marketing about two years ago: I want to be down to earth and this means speaking the internet-language as well as being professional (but that is another tip that I will write about).

Getting to back to patience; I have plenty of buyers who realize they need to fix their final file before they send it to me which they realize AFTER they have ordered which could be interpreted as annoying from my part, “Why is he/she not making sure it is the final file and not a draft?”, but I choose not to.

I choose to be PATIENT with the buyer and understand their situation and that it might be hurry, they might have tons of files on their computer, etc., no one knows what the reason is, the only thing I am sure of is this: they are HUMAN just like me, and just like me, we have limitations, we can experience stress and most importantly, we can make mistakes.

By being patient with your buyers you give them the chance to take the time they need and they will appreciate you for it. They will also be more likely to do more business with you since you treat them like humans not some numbers you want to get rid of as fast possible of your queue of ordered gigs.

Another aspect of patience that I apply might surprise you: I have an INFINITE times of revisions in all my gigs.

"Max, are you CRAZY???"

And guess what? I have NEVER had to revision ANY gig infinite times (which makes sense of course, haha).

The point is this though with “infinite revisions” and patience; I want to deliver whatever I am capable to deliver that match the outcome my buyer is seeking and most of the things I am asked to fix are small stuff that gets done fast.

I find it that you are just being a “greedy little bitch” if you demand another gig from someone when the fix they demand just take one minute (and particularly if you know that it will take 1 min).

For example, many times in my eBook formatting gig, people ask me if it will cost extra if I will insert a customized eBook cover for them, and I ALWAYS tell them, to be completely honest with them and myself; “No, I will do it for free” because I know it takes me only 10 seconds to paste and resize their attached eBook cover into my templates.

So, don’t be a “greedy little bitch” with your buyers, instead, be patient and be willing to do a couple of revisions even if it takes some extra time. As long as they do not demand you redo everything, I find it no fault that you do infinite times of revisions.

You may now think, “will people not manipulate you then?” and the answer is: NO.

Those who will, they would probably not even want to pay you the first 5 bucks in the first place, so they would never order from you and therefore never put you through this, isn’t that great?! 😜

In conclusion, be patient and show patience for your buyers as much as you can! Let them do their mistakes, let them forget sending files, let them send wrong files, let them want some few fixes, etc.,.

What you are really doing when you are doing these things for your buyers is that you are demonstrating one important thing to them:


Be honest, sell what people want, and be patient, and the majority of buyers will love you for it! 😉

Take Care & Have An Awesome Day! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” K.

P.S. Oh yeah, feel free to share your own “3rd best tip for success on fiverr” 😛

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Oh, I forgot one important piece of the patient-tip:

Be patient in the beginning with every new gig you create, because people looking for gigs will most of the times choose “top rated” sellers OR those gigs that appear on first page when filtering for “rating” in the search results.

Some buyers will give new sellers a chance as they realize that you need positive feedback to receive more feedback (so how do you get the first feedback in the first place then?), so here they are willing to give you a chance to show how much you truly shine as a seller and as a human being!

Be patient when creating new gigs, give them at least two weeks and then you can start changing something in them or create new gigs. Preferably, create lots of gigs so you can get some business started at least during the first one or two weeks! ;->

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