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Hi, I would like to know more about this platform


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Why not READ the link that was offered to you, instead of complaining that you have no idea how to get a buyer.

Those links talk about how to create an effective Gig, how to find Buyer's Requests etc.

Some people here just want their hand held and not do any of the grunt work.


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1 minute ago, jekcool said:

I don't understand where to find a buyerūüė∂


Have you taken the time to determine who -- specifically -- you are trying to sell your services too? Once you know the answer to this, then you can start figuring out where those specific people are located. Then, go to those places, online or off, and effectively promote your services to those people.

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4 minutes ago, jekcool said:

I don't understand where to find a buyerūüė∂

There are buyers all around you on the Fiverr platform. Every day, Fiverr will typically display your gig (usually in a search results page) to tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of potential buyers.

Your job is to make your gig as appealing as possible so that these potential buyers click on it and complete a purchase. Obviously it's easier to achieve this when you know who your target audience is, as JB mentioned.

A very quick tip I can give you: At a glance, your artwork looks nice. The problem is that buyers can't really see that from your gig thumbnail image. When your gig appears in search or on your profile, the thumbnail image will be of a midriff of an unidentifiable character. It doesn't really entice people to click through and learn more about your service, does it? Try to resize your main image or replace it with one that fits better. 

Just so you understand what I mean, this is how your gig will appear in people's search results:



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