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How to write the best buyer offer?

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Yes, Jonbaas has summed it up very well.
Make sure to read the request and are understanding what the client is looking for and if you truly feel you are good fit for their project, let them know why.

Nothing translates better to a client than honesty.

If you are excited about working on the project, let them know that. (more than just saying "I'm excited to work with you")

Tell why you find their project interesting.

Highlight the benefits of working with you and not just the details of what you offer.

Find what makes you and the services you proved unique.

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To reply to buyer request. Every word of the buyer must be read carefully. And when replying, the buyer must write down each requirement in the form of a number. So that the buyer can understand. That you read the post outside very carefully. And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. You are eligible for this job and are completely free

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7 minutes ago, alamin_online24 said:

And when replying, the buyer must write down each requirement in the form of a number.

Unfortunately, I don't understand what this means. Could you better clarify your thoughts behind this number thing?

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I will only add one thing to what was previously said by the companions of the forum. Do not try to imitate others, you have to have your own style. Create a message that connects with you and with what the client requires but that is something personal. There are no formulas here, some will like you and others will not, some will value your skills more, others will value prices more, etc. Just be yourself.

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I think there is no hard and fast rule for preparing of best offer on buyer request. This is very relative and can be varied buyer to buyer. However, there is some important issues we should take into consideration in developing of our BR offer. Some of these issues are:

  • Originality of the offer, no copy paste from others.
  • Offer must address the problems of the buyer project properly and professionally.
  • Honesty and sincerity approach.
  • Service and helping attitude, not fully commercial oriented.
  • Competitive price offer.
  • Bidding on only the job where we have professional confidence.

wIsh you great success in fiverr.

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For the best buyer offer there are some general tips for you:

  1. read thoroughly what the client's needs
  2. narrow down your expertise and client's demand to make happened by you
  3. demand the logical price if the client doesn't mention
  4. include what extra you will dedicate to him
  5. ask questions whether something unclear
  6. keep it in mind: client knows only 30%, you know 70%. Thus, you are liable to understand the fact.
  7. don't forget show etiquette.
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Most Important Point You have to Write for the best buyer request:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Address the buyer need (Keep the proposal as descriptive and relevant as possible)
  3. You need to put in writing to buyer’s interest.
  4. Attempt to make your concept as persuasive as possible.
  5. Talk to their interest,
  6. Give them a purpose to hire right
  7. Show your expertise with portfolio link(without contact information) and tell him/her to inbox for more details.
  8. Write down your price and time(as sample 1) at the very bottom of the proposal. (Go for the lowest bid (because you are a new seller)
  9. Conclusion: Just write “thanks”/“Looking forward to hear from you”
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