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My gig is ranked first page but no click or order from this gig. I want to know what happened with me?

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5 hours ago, shanto36 said:

Please suggest me, how can I get order from this gig.

You gain orders from people who need your services. If you want to improve you chance of earning orders, be a great seller who provides what they need, and earns positive reviews/reputation from the orders you deliver. There are no guarantees of success here on Fiverr.

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I see that your account about 8 months old and you have no reviews yet.

Fiverr temporarily boosts new accounts to help them get started, however this does not guarantee new orders.

Keep marketing yourself and striving to better your craft and then you will start seeing orders.
Freelancing takes a lot of work and dedication, if you keep at it and offer excellent service, your account will start to grow.

Good luck!

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