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Direct order from social media link

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1 minute ago, mdtaif6 said:

If it's ordered this way, I've heard it can cause issues.

I am curious what kind of issues have you heard happened regarding this?

As far as I know as long as the payment process is done through Fiverr's platform then it's fine. 

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If a buyer wants to give you a job, you have to give it to Fiverr.
If you want to work outside of Fiverr, many times buyers do it.
And Fiverr protects us from it.
My advice is that you should thoroughly research the buyer and then work through Fiverr.

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49 minutes ago, mdtaif6 said:

According to what I've heard, a buyer must find a gig on Fiverr and place an order. If you order through a direct social link, it may appear to be a fake order, similar to this.

Fiverr encourages using "Fiverr Anywhere" read more here: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010452457-Using-Fiverr-Anywhere-to-Send-Custom-Offers

I think it's a matter of how you advertise your services, if it gains traction your Fiverr profile and gets you more orders, I think that it would be fine. 

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