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Will taking Fiverr course from learn Fiverr rank gig?

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No, it will not. 
there is correlation between fiverr courses and ranking your gig. 
some people even reported that their impressions massively went down after taking courses which of course might be just a coincidence. 

if you want to take a course you should do it for getting new knowledge but not for the hope of “ranking” your gig 

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27 minutes ago, nusratxaahan said:

No, it will not. Fiverr gig rank and course are two different things. You can share your gig on social media.

Yes, they are two different things. One of them exists, the other doesn't. Read the posts above you before you comment.

@shareja_dev Funny how you liked two posts in a row that contradict each other. Let me guess, you're liking every single post without even reading them, thinking that helps you in some way. It doesn't.

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There are mixed talks about that topic. Some say yes it grows. I have a opinion for that topic. When a buyer visits your profile, they see you got taken some course of the topic you do. They feel extra confident while ordering or contact you. I think in that way it helps a seller to grow 

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It is my understanding that Fiverr courses are only to help you improve or learn new skills to expand you service offerings.

If there is any correlation, it is in the possibility that some buyers might be influenced to purchase your gig after seeing you have successful completed a course that pertains to your gig offering.

This increase in orders will help your gig ranking, however this is not directly affected by the course taken.

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