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Every new seller should be published 7 gigs.

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On 9/5/2022 at 4:00 AM, tufailmemon744 said:

I'm a new freelancer but I have no skills

And here is the most perfect example of why Fiverr suffers from a lousy public image. No skills needed, no investment required to sell, and then this level of engagement. It is flat out embarrassing. 

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4 hours ago, rabbe26944 said:

how long it will take me to publish more than seven gigs of gig. 

You need to be level 1 to be able to have >7 gigs active.

One thing you need to get level 1 is to "be an active seller for at least 60 days".

But you also need to fulfill the other level 1 requirements like earning at least $400, completing at least 10 orders.

See: https://www.fiverr.com/levels

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I am new seller and i already publish my 7 gigs even i have almost upto 10 more gigs are ready to go, But those are staying in my HDD, Because fiverr put 7 gigs limit on new sellers So i have to wait for orders so that will increase my gigs limit. Fiverr also add/count pause gigs in 7 gigs limit. So i raise this issue with fiverr CS and also on the forum for more details please check the following post:





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