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First Order.

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Hi eligblepoint

Few tips To Increase Your Sales: · create smart gigs · Make proper use of Gig Extras · Overcome the first sale barrier · Stay updated and never miss a thing · Check for buyer requests · Deliver the quality you promised and even better · Build a base of loyal buyers ·


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On 7/5/2021 at 3:55 PM, shakib_mahmud said:

To get order, you an follow:
- Send 10  buyer request everyday
- Be active as much as you can
- The gig title, description, Image should be eye-catching, professional & keyword based
- Learn new skills in your sector, it's the key

75% of people in the forum say this is a complete misconception. If you don't believe you can see from this image.


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To get the first order, you need have patience along with your skill on how you can rank gig well on a specific category. and follow the rules and TOS of fiverr. being active 24/7 on fiverr doesn't give you a consistent orders, but yes it can help you to get minimum order varies with time.

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