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I am not getting orders.


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Really Sad Bro.   Still I did Not Get Any Order From My gig. And I Don't know Why. But You can send 10 Buyer Request everyday. And Add Your Video On Your Gig. Create a Strong Social Profile. Try To Complete Your Online Course For Certificate. 

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Make your Profile Professional 1st, change Gigs with new Banner or Video.

For to get buyer do SEO, Share your gig links on social media for buyer can find your profile.

Send buyer request if you have.

Follow this steps daily. Sure you will get work if you do honest and Professional work on Fiverr.


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I have some tips for you that can help you as a newbie

  • Try to be online most of the time.
  • Send 10 buyer requests daily.
  • Improve your images (Current images are boring) get ideas from your competition
  • Share your gigs on social media
  • watch some videos on YouTube for different topics you are confused about

I hope it helps.

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Theres so much disinformation in this thread... I'm a level two seller with a 5 star score and have completed over a hundred orders.

I don't open Fiverr unless I have an order to complete, being online will not get you orders.

Completing buyer requests will not get you orders (unless the buyer picks you) but if you manage to get picked (out of hundreds of candidates usually it might get you a review which will then help in other ways).

Sharing your gig on social media again, might help you get some reviews under your belt.

Completing courses does not impact your position in search results. It MIGHT help customers pick you (but given so many buyers don't even read gig descriptions I doubt they're bothing to look at your qualifications).

If you're new and in a popular category, you need to niche down. You will not break into the "logo design" category as a new seller. However you might be able to break into smaller niches like "floral logo design", "futuristic logo design" etc). You'll probably need to start off cheaper than the average price in your niche to get people to give you a chance as an unproven seller.

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3 minutes ago, corsogr said:

Being offline will not get you more orders 100%. 🙃

I'm not sure if I was entirely clear... I get orders, I just don't spend all my time on Fiverr. I get orders most often while I'm asleep. Being online on Fiverr has no impact on my orders.

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Guest gr_nisan

Don't disappointed.

Be patience and try to make your gig more perfect and sent always buyer request with perfect points.

Best of luck.

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