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How can I get my first order?

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29 minutes ago, ehsohag6 said:

Actually I have another account. That is same, no order... But rank in 1st page.

Creating multiple account is a violation of Fiverr TOS.

When fiverr notice about this your both Account will be suspended.

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Meanwhile you can follow this------

You can follow under below:

  1. USE 3 Gig image, 2 PDF’s & offline image SEO.

  2. Use 5 SEARCH TAGS in your gig (SEARCH TAGS helpful for RANK your Gig)

  3. Per day Send 10 buyer requests properly.

  4. Active ONLINE more time.

  5. SHARE your gigs on social sites.

  6. Visit FIVERR related group & follow others freelancer

  7. Develop your SKILL in your category

  8. Learn more about Fiverr.

  9. Take a free Fiverr course.

I hope you got a lot of orders in the fiverr. Good luck for you

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Hello, you can focus on the gigs, tags and keywords you use on your gigs.

And the important thing is patient to wait for the first clients.

Hopefully you will success on your business here.


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Hello there, If you seriously want to increase your impressions, clicks and orders, then you need GIG DESIGN which really stands out from the rest. Now i dont want this to sound like an ad but i make gig designs for new sellers or those who are having a hard time getting their orders. A lot of my clients start with very basic thumbnails which dont stand out from the rest, so the first thing i do is I make new thumbnails and edit your promo video with full international look and feel with real voice over artists. If you need any further help i am always available on Fiverr chat. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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How can I get my first order?

Get Your First Order On Fiverr
  1. Finding The Right Service To Offer. Spend some time researching on what's popular on Fiverr and find the best niche that suits you. ...
  2. Best Time To Post Your Gig. ...
  3. Choosing The Right Image And Copy For Your Gig. ...
  4. Create Multiple Gigs. ...
  5. Your First Sale On Fiverr. ...
  6. Bonus Tip.
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