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Does multiple gigs in same category improve my gig ranking?


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22 minutes ago, david4512 said:

if you create multiple category gig on category. when buyer see your profile that time buyer confused. because can't man expert in multiple task

I wasn't asking about multiple category. If I create multiple gigs, all different services but in the same category. Will it help?

Thank you.

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55 minutes ago, lloydsolutions said:

Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Gig Policies).


Thank you for replying. 

The link you've provided suggests "we recommend that, initially, you create only one Gig and focus your time and effort on that one service. To make your Gig stand out". Which I understand but I couldn't find anything about gig ranking there. If you can help me with the question I've asked that will be very helpful. 

Thanks again.

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17 hours ago, goffer6575 said:

in my experience I created multiple gigs in same category also and my all gig still running and ranking slowly. thank you

I guess this ⬆️ is proof of this ⬇️ 

17 minutes ago, catwriter said:

n my experience, having multiple gigs in the same category can lead to some gigs not showing in search at all.


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