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How to Increase Sales on Fiverr – My Best Strategies


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Hello everyone,

I hope you’re having an amazing day today, if not, well, sorry for that, smile to the present.

There is an old axiom that goes like this: If you want abundance for yourself create it for someone else. And since I’m a believer, I will reveal to you the strategies that I personally use to bring lots of people to my Gigs and make sales.

These strategies work well if you simply use Fiverr, I know that many people use Social Media to promote their gigs, which I think is a great idea, but you can do some simple things with your own Fiverr account and really make sales 😉

Be Polite and Kind

One of the things that works well for me is to make people think that I’m a nice, polite, kind, and smiling person. You can do that through your videos, images, messages, gig description, and your bio. The intention is to sound like an inviting person. Trust is a great seller, so you want to make sure that people will feel like they can trust you, and the best way to do this is by simply going back to basics: Say hello, smile while you present your service, and chin up.

Ensure that the benefits of your Gig are clear

This is something that you should double-check always. You may be great at what you do, but that is useless if buyers can’t get the idea. When you design your service, make sure that what it says there is understandable for the people who will look at it, otherwise you will have no sales. The best way to check this is by asking this question to other people: Is the benefit of my service clear here? If they can’t see it, YOU ARE THE ONE who has to change, not your audience.

80% of your Sales will be a result of…

It is very important to make sure that you’re marketing the right product to the right people. 80% of your sales occur simply by marketing a service to the right people. And the way to do this on Fiverr is by selecting the category, subcategory, and tags of your gig, yes, the tags, those words that when you’re new can look like useless, are in fact of great help.

The title and thumbnail image of your gig are vital

Think about it this way. The title and the thumbnail image of your Gig are the only things that people can evaluate to make a decision about clicking or not on your service, so it is very important to have those as clear, eye-catching, and short as possible.

Fiverr helps us great with these two things, they have a tool that allows you to know if your gig title is too long or not, and if you create a video, design it so that you include an image or something that will definitely catch people’s attention, when you submit your video, make sure that this image is the one on your thumbnail, and the best way to do that is by issuing a ticket to customer support to request a thumbnail change. Simply submit a request and select Misc. Help, there you simply fill in the blanks and attach the screen shot of the precise moment you want the thumbnail image.

Deliver Value!

One of the things you want to remember is that a huge factor in order for you to keep making sales is your feedback. And the only way to get great feedback is by delivering great value and a great experience to your customer. Sometimes here on Fiverr can be frustrating to get only $4 dollars for a tremendous amount of work, and for that, we could deliver a cheap or lazy service, but you can change that and deliver a huge party, make a grand moment for your customer; that’s all you need.

Make sure you deliver great value to your clients, this for sure will give you more return customers, and if you want them to pay more than $5 dollars, design your service to work like that, and I have a tip for you in order to make that happen. Keep reading :D

Overdeliver Value!

This is one of the best ways to ensure you'll get a positive review. This will let the door open so that you get more orders from that client, and not just that, but she or he will recommend you with their business partners and you’ll have access to new clients, which will be more sales.

It is important to know that you want to overdeliver useful stuff, because if you do a poor quality job and you overdeliver poor quality then you’ll see no benefits from that.

Show the love – Give some Special Offers!

One of the best ways you can ensure people will pay more than $5 dollars is by simply offering a great deal to them. Remember these words: It’s not the money it’s the deal. If you show people a great deal they will find the money.

When I first got into this Fiverr world, I thought that it was a place for people with low budgets, but after a while working here I’ve discovered that you can make hundreds of dollars of a single client in just a couple orders.

Just make sure you offer a great deal and that the benefits of taking that deal are clear, and people will find the money. Not all people will buy, but you’ll see some changes :D

It’s not the money – it’s the deal!

Do it as if you wanted to help

The world’s largest marketplace for services, starting at $5. I think that phrase says a lot, and one thing you have to remember is that we are here to offer a service, but go above and beyond of that, offer an attitude of service as well. I know that sometimes can be frustrating to not receive orders, have bad customer reviews, or even cancelled orders, but reality is that you can control all that if you simply have the right attitude and overdeliver a great experience to your customer.

Listen, you are smart, creative, talented, and creative enough to come up with a great way to improve your service. Something else that I want to recommend you here is this: Don’t be so hard on yourself, if you have no orders or negative feedback don’t think this is over. Instead, see this in a different way, understand that now that you know how things went wrong you have the opportunity to choose a higher version and a higher vision of yourself and your services. Come up with something great, invest in your own growth, and make sure you are ready to deliver the best you have.

There is another thing that I like to use when I see bad things are happening: Shot, aim, shoot.

This means that you grow as you progress, you are a growth in progress, you don’t have to be perfect at the 1st shot, you just have to improve your aim and shoot again.

Chin up! We can do this!

Use leverage

This is something that I’m currently experimenting with, so far I’ve seen great things with it.

You can tell people that if they liked your service they can get it for free if they refer x amount of people to you and they invest at least x amount of money. You can also tell them that for every x amount of money invested with you they will receive a free order or something like that.

Another very effective type of leverage is to negotiate for traffic, find a related but not competitive seller on your niche here on Fiverr, and propose to recommend your clients with she/he if she/he recommends her/his clients with you. Make sure this seller and you are not competition one of each other because it won’t work.

The other type of leverage you can do, is to promote your Fiverr gigs outside of Fiverr, there are many good ways to do this, and yes, social media can be a great way to do it, but reality is that you have to know how to do this or you’ll not get all the benefits social media can give you.

That’s it!

There you go guys, those are my very best ways to make more sales here on Fiverr, many of them may seem like very basic stuff, but making sales is something very basic.

I hope you take advantage of these tips and if you have any question or comment, don’t hesitate to post it here on the comments section or contact me.

I’m here to help!
Have an amazing and blessed day!
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