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I followed this method in SEO on my jig thumbnail. However, I encountered a problem that the title, description, tag, author, etc. were not being saved. I tried a lot but it didn't work. Then I read a lot of blogs and watch a lot of videos from Youtube but it doesn't work. Then I realize that the PNG format does not display the property title, tag, description, author, etc. of the image and then I format that image JPG and then it works. And I'm successful. If you want, you will also notice that the title, tag, text, description of any image property of PNG format on your computer is not seen.

Through this, I understood one thing that you have to try. Then you can go to your destination. The biggest proof of that is me because I didn't get this thing from any blog or video, I tried a lot and then it suddenly came to my head. That is why the Creator has said that People does not get what he wants, People get what they strive for.


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