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Buyer cancel order again and again without any reason

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1 minute ago, vickiespencer said:

Yes, as @theratypistsays it can go back and forth for a long time. A former contributor to the Fiverr Forum said she had to refuse a cancellation 75 times before the buyer gave up and let the order auto complete. 


5 hours ago, theratypist said:

You can do that as many times as you want. It will just keep going back and forth.

What will make that end is if:

1. The buyer initiated cancellation and you didn't respond in 2 days

2. You rejected the dispute, the order is marked as delivered then the order becomes automatically marked as complete after 3 days

The amount only returns to him if the order becomes cancelled. 

Thanks for your help !!

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59 minutes ago, malaysaha1993 said:

I am really sorry about that, but you can share this matter with Fiverr support. I think they will help you for solving this problem.

Already did !!

No help from there they said that we can't interfere in between buyer and seller if buyer want to cancel we can't stop him .

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On 5/14/2020 at 3:57 PM, humanissocial said:

I know. Why are you telling me what you already said and I responded to?

I just said you can’t un-cancel an order.

I did the same mistake !


So now there is no way to revert that ?

In my case buyer was trying to scam me by getting it for free !

I rejected dispute for 5+ times but by mistake I accepted it for 6th time .

Moreover it has no recheck feature (i.e. are you sure you want to accept dispute .)

Can customer service help me in this?


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