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What should be the daily routine to be a successful seller on Fiverr?

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3 minutes ago, emon_arefin said:

So what do you do now? Spending more time into personal life rather than career?

It really can differ from one week to the next. Last week I worked 7 days and two of those were 14 hours long because that's what was required to get through my workload and my other creative projects. But now I have my out of office set on Fiverr until after the weekend because I know my voice and my mind need a rest from work. My clients off the platform also know that I'm not available until Monday. With these days, I'll catch up on some reading, just potter around at home and visit some friends. 

I had to get very clear on my boundaries with clients and with myself. It's easy to fall into worry as a freelancer in case the work and money stop coming in. That can quickly lead to burnout. So I don't allow worry to come in and I'm always OK, I always have enough. The rest of July is full-on for me. Apart from voiceover, I had two deadlines for creative projects. Then in August I'm taking three weeks off to travel. And I mean off. No messages, no quick jobs, no goal setting, no stressing about gigs, ranks, or impressions. Just relaxing, travelling a little and filling the energy well again.

That's how I do it.

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