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Buddies What type of gigs..can i offer..to get more attraction and sales(may be funny or serious)..?


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Guest ralphsd

Video testomnial is when you make a video of yourself supporting a certain product.

I think the gigs that mostly work are the ones used for Business Promotion such as what @multygraphics referred to…But its hard to compete if you have lots of competitors you should find something unique, or offer something that distinguishes you from your competitors.

or the funny ones that are for commercial purposes such as a Happy Birthday or a funny video.

Try coming up with something unique because I think those markets are over saturated.

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Guest integritymedia

If your first language is Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu - maybe offer a translation service? Can you be a travel writer, advising on the hot spots in India? If you live near any places of interest, can that be incorporated into a gig? There is a featured gig right now where a seller in Egypt is offering to “write any message for you on a paper at the sphinx or the great Egyptian pyramids for $5.” I thought that was kind of interesting. You might create a gig or two based on locality…

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