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Hii im new sellar.i need more help this platfrom about.please instruction give me.

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Warm welcome to the fiverr forum.

As a beginner to fiverr platform, please you may put focus on the following few important issues.

  1. Study of all the fiverr information regarding newseller and free online topics.
  2. Groom up yourself with necessary skills and competencies for providing service and solution to buyers for categories you feel interesting.
  3. Keep in mind that fiverr is a marketplace where we are in competition to win order on particular job. So, you should prove yourself as best seller to win the order. Therefore, there is no alternative to improve your skills and professionalism to attract the buyer.
  4.   Participate to replying to buyer request with effective offer.
  5.  Your BR offer must be written unique, and original (not copied from others) way. 
  6. In order to increase your sales, carry out your gig marketing in different social media from time to time (not continuously that may be appeared as spam).
  7. Keep improving impressions of your gigs by proper way keywording and SEO. If you win orders, provide sincere and best services that will help you earn high marking from buyer.
  8. Response to buyer message as swift as possible.
  9. Keep active to fiverr for time length  as per your capability.
  10. Don't consider everything in terms of money. Still there is more value on honesty, sincerity and service dedication in the world.  Please consider this.

Wish you vibrant success in fiverr.

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