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To rated Seller Requirement


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Hi There,

What additional things are needed to get Top rated Badge? I'm very close to fulfill the requirement for a top rated seller. Since it is a manually given, what additional things I can do to get this badge?

Thanks in advance!

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You mean beyond what's in the list? https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010560118-Achieving-Levels#h_01F4RXG21MDD3CD8J22CHBBZNE

I'm not sure anyone can answer that question to your satisfaction, and you've already provided your own answer: manual review. Fiverr keeps the specifics quiet for a reason. There's record in the forums of users who've held qualification status for years and have never been promoted.

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As has already been said, nobody can tell you for sure.

However, if you're interested in what some people's guesses, theories, experiences are, and you won't get many responses, you could do a forum search for "top rated seller". Make sure to use the available filters, importantly "only complete term", else you'll get anything with "seller" in it, maybe "search term only in title" (will limit the results, but you might miss relevant posts), maybe limit it to a year if you only want somewhat recent results or no time limit if you want all results.

You can probably imagine that this question has been asked many times and that many sellers, both those who fulfilled the requirements but didn't get TRS yet, TRS, and former TRS have already posted their thoughts and don't want to post them over and over again, so a search could bring you quite a few insights and ideas. 

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