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Can't be a coincidence... Can it?


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I've noticed something strange that has happened and just needed to put this out there.

Okay, so I (as a seller) have two gigs as of now, one deals with making certain sprites (more popular gig) and the other deals with drawing images or references in other styles. About two months ago or so, I received an order from a certain buyer, and the order ended up being cancelled after I needed more time for the drawing, but I sent them an outline of what the figure looked like. My only cancelled order; at the time I thought that was it, just somebody who wasn't satisfied with the work. What can you do?

BUT then, just today, I had just been looking around fiverr as a buyer, and decided to look up my other gig, (the more popular sprite gig) which I knew was the only gig that dealt with those certain sprites. However, there was someone else selling these custom sprites, the same kind that I did, and it was the same buyer that had cancelled the order two months ago! BUT even further, I looked at the other gigs that they had... The artwork for one of them was the same outline that I did, just colored in and shaded!

I know that I can't do anything about this (and don't really want to), just needed somewhere to vent about this... If anyone has had any similar occurrences, I'd like to hear em.

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Guest jackypaula

Hey @ttyosh2

It's sad what you went through

Here is a thread about a similar incident to another talented seller.

Although this has never happened to me, all I can say to you is that talent can never be replicated.

The buyer will offer a few stolen projects but the charade won't last that long.

Have they made any sales?


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18 minutes ago, ttyosh2 said:

know that I can't do anything about this (and don't really want to), just needed somewhere to vent about this...

Who said that you can’t? 😉 


fiverr Trust and safety team deals with it pretty fast. There is a report button on each gig and there you can submit your report with the link to your gig or even open a ticket with CS but they will also send your inquiry to trust and safety team. It’s faster reporting it through their gigs. 

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As the others have already mentioned before me, Fiverr takes plagiarism charges very seriously. Backed with some evidence that you are indeed the original creator of the item and that you have not been compensated fairly for your work, you can present a solid case against the buyer/seller. 

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Hace 3 horas, ttyosh2 dijo:

He notado algo extraño que ha sucedido y solo necesita publicar esto.

De, yo (como vendedor) tengo dos conciertos a partir de ahora, uno se ocupa de hacer ciertos sprites (el concierto más popular) y el otro se ocupa de dibujar imágenes o referencias en otros estilos. Hace aproximadamente dos meses, recibí un pedido de cierto comprador y el pedido terminó siendo cancelado después de que necesita más tiempo para el dibujo, pero les envié un esquema de cómo se veía la figura. Mi único pedido cancelado; en ese momento pensé que eso era todo, alguien que no estaba satisfecho con el trabajo. ¿Qué puedes hacer?

PERO entonces, justo hoy, acababa de estar buscando a fiverr como comprador, y decidí buscar mi otro concierto, (el concierto de sprites más popular) que sabía que era el único concierto que trataba con esos ciertos sprites. Sin embargo, había alguien más vendiendo estos sprites personalizados, del mismo tipo que yo, ¡y era el mismo comprador que había cancelado el pedido hace dos meses! PERO aún más, miré los otros conciertos que tenían ... La obra de arte de uno de ellos era el mismo esquema que yo hice , ¡solo coloreado y sombreado!

Sé que no puedo hacer nada al respecto (y realmente no quiero), solo necesito un lugar para desahogarme sobre esto ... Si alguien ha tenido algún incidente similar, me gustaría escucharlo.

Report this situation to the support center. That user should be banned from the community for committing fraud! He harmed you as a seller and on top of that he sells something that is not his property that he did not even pay for. 😡

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