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Kindly check my gig and comment


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The main problems of your gigs are otherwise it'll be good:

1. You've attached only logos and there isn't a image which will describe your offer

2. You've provided a lot of revisions and if buyer says give revise every time then you have nothing to do

3. You said Hello Buyers, The first sentence is very critical and you've said Hello Buyers! You should start asking by a question.

4. You should use your keyword 2 times per 400 words and never use a word over 5% keyword density

5. Spelling mistake and unformality: You shouldn't use 24 hrs you should use 24 hours. The spelling mistake is guarantee. 

6. You haven't said clients the requirement which you need to get started in the description

7. There is no call to action😨😨. (e.g And don't forget I provide 100% Money Back Guarantee with my gig. Click Buy Now to get started! I've darkened the spelling mistake. 


I hope it'll be helpful 😉😉


Screenshot 2021-07-02 141033.png

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4 minutes ago, ligiacarvalho said:
  • Do not offer this ☝️as it is the easiest way to attract scammers. Not to mention, abusing the cancellation option is against Fiverr TOS and can put your account at risk.

Totally agree with what @ligiacarvalho mentions. You should not put that text and you should not offer unlimited revisions because it will give you a lot of headaches.

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