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Pricing and Extras Needs Improvement

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This is my suggestion regarding pricing section and extras.

There are three packages. Basic, standard and premium. 

Extras are general not associated with three packages except fats delivery.

My suggestion is to make the extras associated with each of the package. With this we will be able to define what extras will come with each package. Just like the fast delivery is attached with each package. 


I have three packages. For basic I am providing 10 backlinks. Standard 50 and premium 100. Now if I want to add extra like this, 500 visits/ link for 5$. This extra is just for basic package and for standard and premium the price will increase. So what if the buyer buys standard package and also buys this extra. I will not be able to provide him 500 visits/ link for 50 backlinks only for 5$. 

This is just an example there are many other services which include extras only for one of the package. 

It would be easy for us if there are general extras like now as well as there should be option to define extras just for the packages. If a buyer wants to buy basic package he will get choice to buy extra associated with that package only. Just like in the fast delivery it can be defined for each package and comes under each package.





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This is a great idea, and I've suggested it previously to Fiverr support in a message to them.

It can be hard and sometimes impossible to price extras at one price to suit each package. I work with audio and the time spent carrying out the work for an extra can increase considerably for each package. 

I really hope Fiverr looks into implementing an improvement for this very soon.

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