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How do I write a cover letter or buyer request?



HI, I am new at fiverr but an experienced freelancer since 2007. I have some tips for new sellers to use the “See Available Projects” section.

Here are some of the things you MUST keep in mind while writing for Available Projects:

  1. Read the brief:
    Read the summary, at least, TWICE before writing.

  2. Are you the best fit?
    Make sure you understand what the buyer exactly wants. If you don’t understand or if you think you aren’t the absolute BEST FIT for the job, don’t waste your time and the buyers. Besides, you only get a fixed number of proposals you can send every day. Use them wisely.

  3. Keep it Simple:
    If you have decided to write for a project, keep it short, simple and to the point. Buyers can see your basic information from your profile (and they would). You don’t need to go into that detail in the bid.

  4. Don’t Use the Same proposal for every job:
    Some of the sellers are in the habit of using same scripted bids for every job. Buyers can smell that from a mile and are offended by it. If you cannot take out the time to write a customized proposal or bid for them, how will you take the time to produce high-quality original work for them?

  5. Use friendly, conversational tone:
    It is not necessary to use complex technical words to impress buyers into hiring you. Most of the buyers are impressed by your originality. The more personal your proposal is, the more are your chances of getting hired. Address the buyer by their name at least twice in the project.

  6. Tell the buyer what you can do for them:
    Give the buyer a reason to hire you. You are a 22-year-old graphic designer with 15years of experience (apparently you started designing at age 7. Seriously?) You have one course or training or degrees in graphic design blah blah. There is a 98.999% chance there are plenty like you saying the same things.

Tell the buyer exactly why they should hire you and not anyone else from among the 20-30ish proposals they receive. They have a problem they would like solved. Tell them how you will solve their problem.

  1. Address the buyer’s needs in the first sentence:
    You can win or lose the bidding war based on the first sentence you write in your proposal. If you were a buyer with some 20-30 proposals to go through, you would only be gliding through all of them, paying attention only when something caught your eye right away.
    Make sure the first sentence of your proposal addresses your buyer’s needs, discuss your prior experience with similar jobs in later judgements.

  2. Proofread:
    Use correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Always improve your proposal before sending it. A rough and randomly written proposal will give the buyer the impression that you aren’t very serious about their job.

  3. Offer higher prices:
    This works out better than one because high prices are perceived to mean more top quality. By offering high priced services, you are establishing yourself as an experienced freelancer who is new to the website but know his/her worth.

I hope you find this article and these samples useful. Go hit Fiverr right away and use these strategies to find your next big client… Happy Fiverring!

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  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Resolve the buyer's needs (keep the proposal appropriately descriptive and relevant)
  3. You have to write in writing for the interest of the buyer.
  4. Try to persuade your idea as much as possible. Talk to them with interest, Give them a purpose to get the right rent so you can showcase your skills with portfolio links
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I have sent total 7 buyer request. Today I check all the byer portfolio which I have sent byer request. In the 7 request it was 5 fake buyer. Some of them has 1 or 2 review as seller and most of the other account was dead.

I don't now why the seller create byer request. But now I want to report the seller who created fake byer request. And my question is "does it will be harmful for my account".


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Hello Fiverr,

I'm a new seller on fiverr. I do not know how to send buyer request on fiverr perfectly. Now I am drawing the attention of the old seller on fiverr and want to Know how write a buyer request effectly with buyer requirement.Please,reply if you are reading my post .Waiting for your response .Thanks in advance.

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Hi/Hello (Buyer Name)
 I have lot of Experience like work. I am perfect for your work. Can I Help you? Please call Me Interview. I am ready. 
 Regards (Your Name)
This is a very popular online freelancing marketplace. Fiverr is a marketplace where people are selling their products and services as low as $5 USD. Today I will show you the way to make money online. Most of the Guys Know about Fiverr.com, Fiver.com is an Online Freelancing marketplace From where you can earn money by crate Gig service. 

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Guest kk_studio

Besides not seeing much of generated buyers requests the thing that bothers me somewhat is the absolute misunderstanding of the term animation and explainer videos.
I personally think that most buyers either don’t know how long it takes to make an animated explainer video of even one minute,so their lack of awareness about this thing makes it a little bit hard for me to negotiate a fair price even though it loses the selling appeal.So as a comparatively new seller I just have to put in four days of continuos work with straight three hours,regularly for fifteen dollars.

Just venting some frustration.No need to get disheartened.

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As a quality seller, why would I craft a personalized response, knowing there are at least 5 sellers who’d already offered something for 5 bucks.

  • Do you really want the buyer who accepts those $5 offers? I don’t. Those buyers are not for me 🙂
  • It doesn’t matter if there are 5 or 25 offers before you. Most of them are templates so it should be rather easy for your offer to stand out. I’ve had several clients who told me that my offer was by far the highest, but they accepted mine because my offer was actually personalized. There are plenty of sellers offering entire websites for $5. Why do you think buyers choose to pay $900 for mine and there are plenty of others selling at even higher prices 🙂

A good customer who knows what they want and what it’s worth will pick your offer as long as you can explain the value of your service.

If you’re not getting replies to your offers then either you’re bidding on the wrong requests or you should review how you present your service.

I think the bigger problem here is that there aren’t enough decent requests to even bid on. A lot of them expect the world for $5.

Totally agree, we both say we don’t want to waste energy on poorly written customer request, who are likely to be problem clients for 5 bucks. Instead, go for large orders, with Quality offers.

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The buyer request section should be upgraded in my opinion too.

1.90% of the buyer requests are too generic. “I need a logo” Without specifics, how would I offer something? It could be a 5 dollar job, but it could easily be 50. It’s a setup for disputes.

2. Yes, there sellers spamming it, just ignore them.

3. I feel like it’s a price competition, and most requests have 10+ responses. As a quality seller, why would I craft a personalized response, knowing there are at least 5 sellers who’d already offered something for 5 bucks. I have submitted so far 20 proposals, got zero orders. And sometimes I did offered cheap, less than the budget.

The buyer request section should be upgraded in my opinion too.

Totally agree with you. As a seller, I send around 10 offer in a day and get works daily from them.

However, I did not send any offer in last 30 days. I cant find any realistic offer. Either there is a lack of information or unrealistic low budget.

Another problem is sellers’ requests that there are lots of spammers.

Also, lack of information causes cancellation. However, sometimes it seems I can do the job but need more information to clear every step. I send an average offer and ask more information from buyer to discuss about project and delivery time. Buyer did not reply message and just accepted offer. Than want many extra works. Such issues, Fiverr protects buyers. Fiverr says if I send offer, I just accept the price and the information given is sufficient.

Maybe there should be a message button to contact buyer for more information or discuss about project.

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18 minutes ago, mbappi00 said:

I don't now why the seller create byer request. But now I want to report the seller who created fake byer request. And my question is "does it will be harmful for my account".

No, it will not affect your account if you report a seller for abusing the buyer requests. But its best you just ignore and focus on making offers to the actual buyer requests.

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Fiverr web design buyer request sample
The web design category is highly popular. This sector employs more than 60k sellers. There are numerous job postings under the buyer request section. So, to get a job in the web design field, the ideal buyer request is crucial.


Warm regards
Your website designer

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I just send 56 buyer request but It Seems Nobody Interested in My Respond. I only bid what I can do. But it seems not working. I search on Forum about this topic but I can't find an suitable answer for that.  Is there any expert / top rated seller who can suggest me about that ?

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