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The One Where We Talk Vacations...


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Let’s talk about your last vacation. 

I don’t take vacations

Hopefully I’ve conjured the image of myself as the consummate workaholic. Some studio dwelling brute; mangling the space of my recording studio and smearing my soul along the walls in a strange exorcism of suffering and conquest. 

But that’s not what I mean. 

Oh, I go on vacations. I just don’t get to take them once I get there. 

See, I’m one of these “parent” people. 

As any of us can tell you, once you’ve had kids, taking a vacation is more like training for the sixth level of hell at the Olympic level. 

Make no mistake: A global conspiracy has been enacted whereby children are instructed to reduce your vacation luxuriating through calculated methods of mind altering militia tactics. 

What did you think “Minecraft,” was, anyways? It’s communication with their “Defense Minister.”

These little tyrants don’t even make their bed, you really thought they suddenly developed a deep appreciation for structural integrity? 

Despite this, parents are required to take our kids on one vacation annually. It’s in the parental handbook, the international best seller: 

So, You’re Tired of Sanity: A book for parents.”

Taking your kids on vacation is like taking your dog to a five star restaurant and expecting good results because you’ve been teaching it “self awareness.”

It’s 12 hours of passing museums and national icons to end up at a beach gift-shop fighting over a slinky that’s been marked up by 40 dollars. 

“No son, you’re not having a spiritual crisis - you’re four - you just really want that fidget spinner and you have an internal gps that only picks up on cheap items at inflated prices.” 

This was my last vacation. 

Tell me about your last vacation. Roadside attractions? Theme park? Did you finally visit that National park or stunning scenery? I’d love to hear about it. 

Because parents don’t have vacations. We have out of state McDonald’s visits and asking random strangers to remind us what vacation feels like. 

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Hurts too much 🙃 but was fun reading!

And, call me insane, but you might miss those parent people non-vacations, including discussions about overpriced Songoku figurines, expeditions to find at least one shop that has readable stuff in a language the little tyrant understands, and the like sooner than you think, enjoy them! 🙂

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Let's see, vacation, vacation....
I'm currently living in Japan, and I go to the states every summer.

Not last year obviously because of COVID.
The thing is, I do go on vacation every summer but it doesn't really feel like one, it's more like me visiting a home town and just chilling there,
simply because the states is my second home. Once I arrive in the states, I pretty much stay in the same location/state/city, I don't go out because
I'm too lazy. Still enjoy it though, I get to devour American food once a year.

I love In N Out burgers with the animal style fries!!!

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Before the panini, I used to live abroad (...my job was minding someone else's little monsters, go figure) so vacations used to be a tad boring (as I'd just come back home and crash in MY bed without being woke up by kids jumping on my back (I don't miss that!) OR working 24/7 even on vacation because 'this is your job, not a trip'...

Anyway, last week we went to a hotel with my parents and go figure I was....


I'm used to big cities, (even as an introvert, I'm exploring a lot with music blaring in my head phones), seeing my friends (or crashing with them, not my parents!) and with my dad needing a wheelchair there wasn't much we could do together. Still, it was fun in its own way - I was the only one still working (writing, most of the time but taking longer breaks than normal and actually ignoring my phone sometimes, ha!) and I hope we get to go somewhere together again sometime soon. Plus it's nice to see my folks have fun. 

The food in the hotel was also bomb but by day three I was missing my own ingredients! I'm hoping to set out properly (not really on vacation, just... backpacking and working at the same time) sometime soon so I'll definitely be able to have 'my' kinda fun (and food) soon as well (well, granted that nothing gets closed down again!)

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