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Stupid sellers are trying to get click on their gigs by sending buyers requests

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At first this was just rare but now it is growing more and more idiots sellers are getting so low that in order to get clicks on their gig they are sending buyers requests with their gig link hidden in between this kind of cheap behavior need to be stopped.

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It is pretty annoying. And fiverr usually can detect those things. 
however you can also report those kind of seller to fiverr CS with a link to buyer request that they posted. 

it’s annoying but getting just clicks also wouldn’t work for them in getting orders. 

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It really doesn't make sense to me, I don't understand what they think they're achieving.

If I have a gig on video editing, and someone makes me visit their gig also about video editing from a buyer request, I'm certainly not going to buy their service (which I provide myself).

Furthermore, gaining more clicks does not mean your gig will rank better either, since no one knows how Fiverr's algorithm works.

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