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Are you a cat person or a dog person?


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I love dogs too, but if I had to choose, it'll be cats.

Some say cats are jerks, but I have to strongly disagree from my personal experience.

I've lost count of how many cats I've adopted. They all came from the streets, skinny and sick, left to die, abandoned in a box, soaking wet in the rain, being attacked by a crow, you name it. Currently I have several at home, and here's one. My slightly chubby boy.


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1 hour ago, leannelrivers said:

I grew up with dogs

I grew up with dogs too. My mother had a strange aversion to cats, but never explained why.

So, when I moved out when still in high school, one of the first things I added to my apartment was a cat named Priscilla.

Now I have a dog that is elderly (14 blind and deaf) that has been with me since she was 6 months old and 4 cats. I have had 2 cats pass on in the last 2 years - one was 20 years old and the other was 16. 3 of the cats I have now were feral/strays who were hanging out in the alley by my house. I think someone dumped them - and it took me over a year to get each one of them (at different times) to trust me. Now they are house cats and I am so lucky to have them!

Dogs do take a bit more of your attention - you do need to walk them, interact and keep them busy if they are a high energy breed. I can see the comparison to having a child! I had 3 children so...having a dog was way easier!

I could NEVER live without a pet! (or children)


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