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Multi part question



Hello all. I am relatively new to Fiverr so forgive me if this is already brought up somewhere else, but.. I'm pretty sure  being scammed. This guy has either  ignored me or given me very shot answers. I asked for a lyric video with specifications but he gave me what seemed to be someone else's video "by accident" 

Then, he returns the same video with my song attached (the video wasn't even close to my specifications) and now a whole week after it was due, he once again sends someone else's video, when I asked when I get mine he said a few hours. Is that even a normal time free to just attach the correct file and send back?

Is there anything I can do? The worst part is he has good reviews, but I'm seeing if you cancel an order you can't leave a review anyway so how would anyone know?

Words of advice?

Am I just being paranoid?


Thanks in advance




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Well, based on what little information you provided...I tried to put myself in your place.

I don't think you are being scammed, exactly.

I think the Seller you chose to work with may lack the skills he/she has promoted within their profile and Gig.

It is a common problem on Fiverr (and probably other freelance platforms) where Sellers set up shop and when they get jobs for skills they don't really have, they try to fake their way through it.

If I were you, I'd cancel.

Clearly you aren't getting anywhere at this point and a cancellation may give that Seller cause to question their place on Fiverr.

You never know.

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