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Please critic my gig and leave honest review


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3 hours ago, designhub_me said:

review my gigs and give me tips on improving it. 

I hate to burst your 🎈balloon, but here is the number of gigs for logos currently being offered on the Fiverr platform. ⬇️






I see you offer vintage, retro and initial logos and I noticed there is less competition in those areas. However, look at the logos of the top two rows of the first search I did for vintage logos. ⬇️

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 5.46.10 PM.png





Now look at the quality of your logos and ask yourself why a buyer would want to order a logo from you when they could order from one of these sellers. 🤔

One thing I noticed is that their logos look better than the two identical gig thumbnails you have. Another reason is that the gig in the lower right hand corner looks pretty cool to me and it sells for only $5 more than one of your vintage logos. Plus he is a level 2 seller with many 5 star reviews. 


Your job is to make your thumbnails have a bit more class so as to draw the attention of prospective sellers. 


I am confident with your creative skills you can come up with a solution. Good luck. 🍀







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1 hour ago, ligiacarvalho said:

Could you please share the link of your gig so we can take a look.

This message ⬆️ was posted 55 minute before this one. ⬇️ Why do users insist on not reading previous posts? For one it is rude to repeat what another has already posted. And secondly it makes the repeated post of no value to the original poster of the thread who is looking for help. 

27 minutes ago, coderboss said:

Please share your gig link as we can ...


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984861165_ScreenShot2021-06-30at6_12_19PM.png.48c6ad4c8a98cde8e6fedfdcbc53fc35.pngThe only way we will hopefully get rid of copied/repeated posts is to politely call the posters out. It is kind of like my mama used to tell me, "If you cannot say anything nice do not say anything at all." Only here it should be, "If you cannot say anything original, say nothing at all." 


PS: use the emojis! ➡️ could be added to that advice!  

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