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How do I improve my gig to get orders?


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Hello everyone, I am a new seller. Created 2 gigs on fiver. Getting some impressions daily but couldn't get an order. Can someone please tell me if there is anything wrong with my gig? How do I improve it to get more attention and buyer? Please check my gig and give me tips and suggestions. Your kindness will highly be appreciated. Thanks.

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I looked at your gig thumbnails. I like the images, but I think your colors are kind of blah. Maybe putting more vibrant colors will attract more buyers? 🤔

It would be more professional to say "want to" instead of wanna in your profile description. 

You say, "Looking forward to work with you and I hope my work won't make you regret 🙂"

That looks like you are apologizing for your work before you even do provide anything! 😱


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I looked at your Gigs and I can say that they are pretty good, but to start ordering them you need to: 


1. Make a video presentation (it will increase your Gig's rating by 40%).

2. Advertise your gig and portfolio on social media.

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Both gigs say you'll design anything in/using canva in the gig image. Maybe differentiate them.
Maybe the gig for logos, flyers etc. could be separated eg. so you could have the logo gig in the logo design category, the flyer design one in the flyer
design category.

In the "I will design anything in canva" there's a spelling mistake in the main gig image.

In the profile:
In the skills section:
Maybe change "graphic designig"

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Just now, adib_hasan_ said:

Hello everyone. I am a new seller. I have published two gigs on fiver. If someone experienced can view my gigs and give me suggestions about how I can improve, it would be beneficial for me. Thanks.

My profile link: https://www.fiverr.com/adib_hasan_?up_rollout=true

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  read this




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