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Suggestion for reviews

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Hello! This is my second post, I would like to make a suggestion for feedback/reviews:

I currently have a total of 80 reviews in my gigs, but actually I would have had over 100. Yes It means I have been hired more than 100 times, but it only shows 80, It is because some client don't leave any feedback, I don't know why, they were happy with my work, even I did the little revisions they asked me, everything was fine, but I guess they were too busy or maybe forgot to leave a rating/feedback.

So my suggestion is that maybe feedback should be mandatory for customers? this same thing has happened to me in other freelancer sites I work on, what do you think?

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it will be really a good options for new freelancers. Because like me , I fear if any client leave me a negative review my next orders will not be so easy to be managed. Mostly buyers see the reviews to get confirmed, so it's a good way to create impression. may be it can be done when delivering a order.

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