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I just signed up in this platform. As I was trying to post my gigs, the site asked me to complete my profile informations which I tried to do. However, whenever I try to update informations, sometimes some fields are not accepting whatever I try to type in. But the worse was, pages automatically refreshes after being unresponsive and some informations aren't being saved. Also, I was forced out of the page and a message regarding security showed (I unfortunately didn't take a screenshot), this happened once. If you you have any thoughts that could help, I would appreciate it. Thanks

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3 minutes ago, zoeycastillo27 said:

I'm using chrome. The forced redirect happened on the first step of my profile completion. 

Have you tried using Mozilla or other browsers? You could also try to do it on your smartphone, although it's more inconvinient.

Try clearing Chrome's cache before changing browser, that might solve it.


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