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I have been performing for more than a month, but I still haven't received an order.


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Hey there! So I have no knowledge about making game characters, so I couldn't give any concrete tips for being in that field what you should do. I did take a look at your gig so these are some tips to improve it a bit:

1. Title
It says 'I will the conceptual art of making game characters' which isn't grammatically correct. This can turn buyers off maybe. So just include a 'create/make' there.

2. Gig packaging
Perhaps clarify through your gig images what a 'concept' & 'color final role' looks like. This clarifies to the buyer what exactly they can expect. Just include an image where it says 'concept' above etc for example. 

3. Thumbnail
The thumbnail is what buyers see when browsing to find someone to hire, so you should make sure it stands out from your competition. A good thumbnail will make buyers click on your gig, which is the first step to draw someone in for an order. A thumbnail should be stating clear and concise what you do, in your case it's more visual. So make sure it's your best imagery that clearly communicates your skills. 

4. Gig description
To me, your description seems a bit unorganized. Maybe try to use bullet points and use clear spaces in the right places. 

This feedback is solely my opinion, so do with it what you want! One last tip that's proven to me to be very useful when setting up my gig was researching the competition. How are their gigs set up? What's necessary to include? And so on. Never copy another person's gig, but use it for inspiration. For more tips you can always look at the 'Tips for Sellers' category on this forum. Good luck 😄 

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On 2021/6/30 at AM7点46分, sabinespoems said:


1. 标题


3. 缩略图



Thank you very much for your advice.

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