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here is my fiverr english exam result


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"Myself Faruk, A certified Digital Marketing Specialist. With the 4+ years of marketing experience, I can boost your business, sales, and leads with skill. I have some exceptional tricks to benefited the client can generate quality leads. Any Business and product that I can promote to people around the world-wide or targeted customers in a moment. I do all work manually and with my responsibility. My target is providing High Quality work, Quick service,"

This is the bio of somebody who got a 90% on the English test? I guess that says more about the test's worth than anything else.

Please note - I'm not trying to be mean. My point is that English is a crucial skill for success in this platform, and having tests that let people think they are good enough when they are not is counter productive and will lead them to think they do not need to improve when they absolutely do.

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