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WordPress, A New Journey I want to Dive Into

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Hello everyone.

I have been working on Fiverr for over a year. Thankfully, I have been doing pretty well and reached Level 2 very quickly. But I've always had a feeling that I'm undervaluing my skills and aptitude. I started Fiverr as a part-time hobby but now I want to stretch this work to a valuable source of income. I used to sell SEO servicies, but now I want to expand my work by providing WordPress services side by side.

But now for the question. I want to do well in WordPress. I've seen the saturated market on Fiverr, and to do good, I will have to master WordPress and provide services better and more unique than most sellers out there to beat the competition. That is why I want expert's opinions on how I can master WordPress. I'm completely aware that that will require a lot of time and practice, similar to all skills out there, and I am up for the challenge. 

What I need from you is guidance. What is there to learn out there for WordPress? I followed a YouTube video on how to make a simple website. I bought domain and hosting and started working on a portfolio website. It's just for practice so it isn't really good, with a lot of content copy pasted/picked up from random places, but yeah, I'm working on it. (www.shmdtalha.com). Other than the separate pages I have to make for each service, I am stuck. I used Elementor to make it and I'm stuck because I don't understand what else to do and learn. I'm confused xD

Secondly, if you go to this page https://shmdtalha.com/fiverr-gig-seo/ and to the "Extra Services" block, zoom in and out. I'll share a picture of the problem. It is probably like that because I added text on a fixed background picture. What is the proper way of making blocks like that? Is Elemntor a bad choice for that? Should I be using another tool?




Second question is what programming languages are necessary to learn and what languages should I learn for my own betterment. I do not have a background in Computer Science as a subject, but I am ready to learn any programming language it needs. I know that I'll have to work on HTML, CSS, SQL and PHP.


What I need is full control of my website. I want to make elegant, and powerful websites. I don't want to reuse and recycle templates. I want to do professional work. If you can guide me onto how I can learn WordPress from scratch, I will be extremely gratfeul.

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I think what you are asking for is something you would need to pay someone to teach you.

You realize how vast making sites using WP is? Or learning the different languages to implement neat things into WP?

I suggest you either take a course online or if they offer them at your local college (community or otherwise). Some things in life are not free. No one here is going to "mentor" you without something in return.


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