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I am a new Freelancer.

I've been doing Fiverr joint for about 2 months now. I am also sending several buyer requests. But I still haven't found a job. Because of this I am in a very depressed state.
What are some of the ways I can be successful?

I therefore sincerely seek the advice of experts.
I hope that people with experience associated with the Fiverr Forum will not disappoint me. 

Thanks all.

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Hi there,

I know the feeling of frustration when not getting any orders, trust me I've been in those shoes before.

The best things i can advise you is to be patient and to try improving your gig in any way possible. Having quality thumbnail, pictures/videos and description are really important and can help you a lot when it comes down to buyers clicking on your gig. 

Best of luck and I hope you get your first order soon!

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