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6 hours ago, fastweber said:

I can't even find a single buyer request. Can anyone help? 

Hi @fastweber,

Just keep checking from time to time, soon you will begin to see some BRs you may wish to respond to by sending offers. It would help more if you download the fiverr.com App for quick access. I hope this helps 👍😄

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10 minutes ago, asaduzzamanweb said:


Thank you @asaduzzamanweb, I love the beautiful fonts you used here to spell the word "Congratulations". I wish you all the best!

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On 6/29/2021 at 9:59 AM, beenkay1 said:

A random BR has translated to an order.

I am super excited and I wish to announce to the entire community that finally, I received my first order on fiverr.com platform. 

Do you know why I'm excited? I have been waiting for it, as a new seller and finally it arrived...

Do you know How it happened? 

I saw a random Buyer Request, so I sent sent an offer and to my surprise, the buyer sent me a message.

I thank all of you for your candid opinions to questions at the forum and the great tips you provide here all the time.

To all New Sellers, Be encouraged, don't give up!

Congratulations to Me!


Congratulations and best wishes, Wish you best of luck

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