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I am a new at fiverr forum


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Welcome Muzarul_Islam,

I see you confused about your buyer request. Don't worry, It's nothing to bad about your account. 

When a buyer post an request again and again, Then we see this kind of result.

You sent one request or more, But same Buyer. 

Ok, have you any ask?

Please tell. 

Thank you.

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21 hours ago, muzarul_islam said:

I did not understand it

If you do not understand a Buyer's Request, you would probably want to avoid offering your services to this guy.

He wants a WordPress site he has a theme for to be populated with 100 products.

If you do not know enough about creating this type of content, steer clear and let others do it.

As for them posting it more than once - I suppose they can do that if the system lets them.

Most of the replies in this thread are idiotic and just made to game the new posting badge system. Lame.


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