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My toughs about fiver


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Hi there,


My name is Rafał and i have been user on fiver about a one year. During this time i was posting many gigs. I mainly specialized in graphic design and website development but also i have been doing some electronic music.

After one year i got zero sells. I try to change price make another gigs but nothing happen. During this year i received messages from a bots and fake account.

btw hire is my portfolio: https://wroblewski.no/

Why this site is not working?

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Unfortunately (from what I saw from your current gigs), you are just in a really crowded niche. Logo/business card/etc. design is wayy too popular on here (or at least that's what I think) mostly because these are things you can 'easily' with the help of some templates (I'm unsure if that's what you do or not, I personally don't think they cause that much of an issue unless it's copied/plagarized) but you might just not show up for anyone. 

If you're genuinely a designer who's learned all these things, you could probably expand your gigs - offer something not a lot of people can! That'd definitely help! I started out writing regular stories but quickly found something I love doing (and that's not super common) so I've been doing OK since then. The site definitely works, you just need to stand out from the crowd!

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I agree with @katakaticaon this.

You are offering something that some of us (myself included) can do for free online at some sites.

What you need to do is sit down and take a real hard look at what skills you have.

Can you draw?

Can you write?

Can you sing?

Can you dance?

Can you teach?

Do you have a particular skill that makes you stand out?

That is what you need to focus on - something of value that you possess that you can turn into an income generator.

I hope this helps.

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