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Fiverr Gig Ranking

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51 minutes ago, nidushani said:

Active in Forum " , factor for gig ranking ?

Absolutely not. 
Fiverr algorithm is complex but staying online on a forum, which is on a separate platform will not affect your gig ranking. 
Your performance, how attractive your service, your metrics, how relevant your gigs to what buyers look for will determine where your gig will be shown in search. 
“Being active” on a forum is not connected to your gigs. 

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Gig ranking - no. I was not active until a few days ago, and I have been level 2 rated for a year. 

Level ranking - potentially. It isn't required up to Level 2, but 'community engagement' is potentially a prerequisite for top rated seller, as was mentioned to me by customer support this week. 


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