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4.7 to 5 start rating

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I checked your profile and saw that your buyer left you a 4* for "seller communication level". You need to work on that.

Anyway, you'll need five 5* reviews to increase your current rating (4.7) to 4.95, which will be rounded up to 5.

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Sometimes there's just no way to please a difficult client and a sub-5 star review happens. It can range from happening out of the blue with no hints or signs of buyer dissatisfaction, or it can be blatantly obvious that a negative review is coming once an order goes south for whatever reason.

5 hours ago, raja_hasnain_ said:

how to improve my rating to 5 star

There's only one way. Receive more orders and hopefully the buyers take the time (on their own accord) to leave you 5 star reviews.

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