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Anyone else trying to get used to the new forum?


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I like this new forum look, but i'm still getting used to it. I find myself looking for buttons, links to conversations and quotes the old way. It's only normal i guess. This forum design kind of reminds of a website done with bootstrap. Not sure if it was designed with bootstrap though.

Any opinions on the new forum?


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I like the new Fiverr Forum, but I am getting rather sick tired of those who merely reply, "thank you, helpful, good job, I agree," and the like. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Comments like this only serve to cluttering the Forum and making it cumbersome to navigate and read the valuable content in a thread. 🤨

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9 minutes ago, vickiespencer said:

but I am getting rather sick tired of those who merely reply, "thank you, helpful, good job, I agree," and the like. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Yeah, new forum, but same old habits... 🙄

Unless Fiverr decides, once and for all, to put a stop, I'm afraid this will continue happening ad infinitum😒

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I'm still getting used to it too! One of the things I got accustomed to in the old forum for example is being able to directly see a new post, regardless of the category. Personally I liked this a lot, because it gave me a better overview of what I did/didn't read yet. I definitely understand solely having these separate categories, because it allows us to just click on the topics we're interested in & it helps more to stop people from posting in the wrong category (although that will always be a thing). 

However with that being said, I do miss an option with 'all posts' or something of that nature simply because that worked for me. Maybe I still need to get used to this new way, but I do notice I keep double checking categories because I'm unsure if there's a new post. Although it's more organized this way, my forum browsing actually becomes a bit less organized because of it 😅 

Another small thing that bugs me a bit (which is totally surmountable btw) is whenever someone likes your post, it says in the notification bar someone 'reacted to your post'. Which technically is true, but I don't think a 'like' or something similar is an actual reaction. I associate that more with a typed response.

Let me be clear; I realize this is totally and completely me just nitpicking, but an opinion was asked so I figured I'd provide mine 😇 Overall the forum definitely looks more clean & in due time with a little navigating practice I hope I've forgotten all about these little 'issues' I'm having!

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9 minutes ago, looseink said:

I can't believe the number of negative comments in various threads related to the new Forum layout.

C'mon folks, Fiverr didn't change it to mess you up.

I know Fiverr is only trying to help and I'm sure plenty of people appreciate it, sadly I am falling behind.😔 Waaay behind for now.

Hopefully I can jump back on the forum wagon and enjoy my ride. Just give me....ahem, several more days. 😅

BTW I didn't know what "UX" was so I had to Google it. I...learned a new word?

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1 minute ago, krheate said:

There's also a confused reaction. There's a like button, and 4 reactions- sad, confused, haha, and thanks.

We also need rolling eyes, facepalm and grimace emojis. Although I know of someone who said "We need all of them! Especially the letters. We need to be able to spell out stuff."

I must agree with him! 😇😉

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46 minutes ago, milos_siena said:

My opinion is that you can find the right buttons easily, just give yourselves some time.

I know it's only a matter of time for us to adjust completely to the new design, but there are some things they could look into to make it a better experience for us. For me, the profile bar, where we have the notification button at the top of the page should be fixed, so it stays visible even while i am scrolling down.

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