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16 hours ago, araftalukder976 said:

 I create a fiverr account with google sign up. Is it problem for future? Please help me


Create with google account,maybe not create problem but if you not maintain your account according to Fiverr T&C,then you will face problem,plz follow fiverr T&C for better journey with Fiverr. 

All the best.

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don't you believe google has the most strongest foundation and organized policies?  didn't fiverr offer you to sign you up with your google account? 

there is no problem if you have only one fiverr account 🙂

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I think Fiverr offers you to sign up using an email, your Facebook or Google account. You would need to explain why you think signing up with your Google account would cause an issue in the future.

I personally used an email and only sign in when prompted to with that email, not with Facebook or Google. I always feel weird about signing into sites with Facebook or Google - I mean, do they then get to go look at your activity on those platforms? I guess I am just old and not too trusting of certain platforms that like to mine your information or ban you if you do not agree with their "agenda".


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