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"Orders in Queue" seems bugged


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Currently, I have 2 Gigs active, and 3 orders:

Main Gig has 2 orders

Side Gig has 1 order

Side Gig's orders-in-queue limit was set to 2 orders, but it was paused as "overbooked" with just 1 order in queue.


I raised the limit for the side Gig to 3 orders and refreshed the page, the "Overbooked" disappeared. However, if I hadn't checked because I thought I had the limit set to 1 (which, again, I hadn't, it was set at 2) and wanted to raise it to 2, I wouldn't have known/noticed that it's wrongly set to "Overbooked" and thus removed from search.

There's 0 order in revision status, 2 waiting for completion, but those two are both main Gig orders, in case that's relevant somehow.

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