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Fiverr Promoted Gigs (BIG PROBLEM)



let me tell you my story in few lines
I was working in fiverr for about 2 years and everything was good 2 orders a day, sometimes 1 order a week but then i decided to take a break for about 3 months and when i came back i started getting just a few impressions and 0 clicks or one click idk why 
now its been more than 3months and 0 orders 0 clicks and few impressions 
idk whats happened when i left fiverr this 3 months 
does anyone have any solution because i real need some help

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This is most likely because you left the platform for 3 months.


So your gigs and profiles performance dropped to 0.

This is not a Fiverr specific issue, if you leave your business, store, job for 3 months and come back, things will most likely not be exactly as you left them.

It may take a bit more work to get back on the horse, but it’s not impossible.

You need to provide Fiverr with clear signals that you are back and ready to work.

Start by tweaking tour SEO so that you start getting impressions which is the first part of your sales funnel on the platform.

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