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Disabled Account & Purchases

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Hi All,


Wondering why fiverr doesn't allow you to log in to already disabled accounts. I was a top buyer on the platform and had to encounter a lot of scammers who are sellers trying to profit a quick dollar, especially in the programming field. I had to complain to a lot of the people and state my intentions and comment on thier behavior on the platform and instead of getting any appraise, I was banned. There is no current option to report sellers or gig's, especially since there are a lot of misleading people on the platform. I am looking to get the purchases I already had on my disabled account however fiverr is not interested in being timely or responsive. As a community I encourage everyone to bring the relevant facts to the fiverr support and company in general in how to enforce their TOS, especially in terms of reviewing certain situations and people being tired of all the bad people to go through in general. Thank you for the support.


- You Already Know

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They do not allow you to access a disabled account because, well, it is disabled. Obviously, your account(s) got banned or terminated for breaking the TOS - yes, there are rules buyers have to follow here as well.

Were you using aggressive, abusive or profane language when "complaining" to a lot of people (I am assuming you meant you wrote to sellers and voiced your displeasure - you can correct me if I am wrong there) - if so, that was probably reported by the sellers and why your accounts were banned and removed.

There is an option to report seller's Gigs - I think there may be a Report button with a flag under the user name. Either way, even if there is not, what one needs to do if they have a dispute or problems with a seller is to write to customer service and include all correspondence and proof of what you are claiming they did.

And, yes, there are bad sellers here, but, being a global platform and for the most part, one does not have to prove they have the skill set to do what they are offering in their Gigs, there can be a lot of trial and error. This is where one needs to vet a seller first by communicating with them and knowing they fully get what it is you want done.


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