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Custom offer issues


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I recently received an offer to write 2 gig descriptions.

And, as my standard gig revolves around 3 gig description at $20, I shared the same prices with my customer, but gave him more options instead of 1 gig that he was sacrificing.

He agreed completely as he wanted more benefits than my gig originally had. So we both landed on the same page. 

I shared the prices 20 minutes before I shared the link.

Now after talking about the niche and description, he placed the order.

A min. before he asked me why I haven't I lowered the prices. The weird part is that I clarified the whole thing in the earlier messages. 

Is it going to affect my work status now?

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37 minutes ago, kratika24 said:

my standard gig revolves around 3 gig description at $20

This type of Gig is not allowed here. You are not allowed to create, write or anything else someone else's Gigs. They are meant to be written by the person doing the selling. Your Gig may be denied at some point when Fiverr sees what you are offering.

The reason this type of Gig is not allowed is, say you have someone who cannot speak or write English very well. So, they have a fluent English speaker write up their Gig and when a potential buyer reads the Gig, they think they are dealing with someone they can communicate with. Imagine their disappointment when the seller cannot understand what the buyer wants or their grammar, spelling, syntax and way of expressing themselves is not even close to what their Gig write up led them to believe. Good way to get cancellations. This is why sellers need to write their own content.

As for this buyer, has he accepted the Custom Offer? If not, I would suggest rescinding it. I would not suggest you offer this service since it is against the TOS. All this buyer needs to do is complain to customer service about your Gig and they will shut that Gig down. Perhaps being a seller themselves, they are doing this on purpose to get you into trouble. Who knows.

Either way, writing someone else's Gig, whether it is descriptions, their bio or the body of what they offer is not allowed.



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